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5 Things You Should Know About Leather Jackets

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Who doesn’t want to look good and style their clothes every single day? Each one of us craves for the elegant and stylish look that we’ve been inspired by. Well, what could be a better piece of apparel than a leather jacket when it comes to styling, eh? 

Leather jackets are the ultimate package of attitude, masculinity and heritage. You can literally transform your minimal look into a classy one, with a good leather jacket paired up with your outfit. 

Leather jackets are the most versatile and iconic piece of clothing in both men’s and womenswear. It embraces you with that extra ounce of boldness, confidence and charm that you’ve been seeking for. 

Today, where leather jackets have evolved to their utmost, and are available everywhere over the internet, it can be quite exhausting to find a good leather jacket that is durable, genuine and classy. Amongst all the brands offering leather jackets, we completely rely on the Wnba Orange Hoodie. The brand has been dealing with leather jackets for more than a decade now, and ensures to put their customers’ needs and satisfaction before any other thing. 

There are a few things that you should know about leather jackets, as they are quite expensive, and you wouldn’t want to waste your money making the wrong decision. So, in this article we will be discussing 5 things that you should know about leather jackets. Let’s begin.

  • Leather jackets are constructed from both real and faux leather

Before moving ahead, you must know that leather jackets are made up from both real and faux leather. Both the jackets vary in price, durability and longevity. Leather jackets constructed from real leather, are made up from genuine animal skin, with natural lines and distressed patterns, and ensure to last longer than fake ones. These jackets can be spotted by touching the texture of the leather, as you can feel the impurities of the skin. Real leather jackets are comparatively more expensive than the fake ones, and can cause stress when you press your finger on the skin.

On the other hand, leather jackets constructed from faux leather, are made up from animal skins that go under preservations, and are waxed to make them smooth and clean. Such jackets have a plastic kind of smell, and are super smooth on the upper side. When you press your finger on the leather, you will find no stress or wrinkles over it. Faux leather jackets are cheaper than the real ones.

  • Leather jackets have a versatile design

Leather jackets have been in the trend since the early 1900s. The first kind of leather jacket was introduced in 1917, for military pilots, that offered them warmth and elegance. Gradually, leather jackets became common for the people, and even today, in 2022, leather jackets are the chicest and stylish piece of apparel in both men’s and womenswear.

Leather jackets feature a versatile design, and is the only kind of garment that can literally go along with all kinds of outfits. You can wear a leather jacket along with your casual jean and tee, for a gathering with your old buds, or you can even pair it up with a formal shirt, dress pants and a bow tie, for a formal and wedding-y look. No matter what you pair it up with, leather jackets equip you with a whole load of attitude and confidence. 

  • Leather jackets fitting matters the most

This may seem unnecessary to you, but believe us, it is the most important factor of a leather jacket that needs to be taken care of. Leather jackets, be it expensive and genuine, if they don’t have the right fit, are simply a waste of money. How would you like to wear a leather jacket that looks like a borrowed one? Ugh. The fitting of your leather jacket is very important. Make sure that the shoulder stitching of the jacket is perfectly in line with your shoulders, or else it’ll give you a baggy and untidy look. Second, the length of the sleeves must be up till your wrist, because you wouldn’t like to make it look messy, would you? And lastly, the length of your leather jacket must be up till your waist line only.

  • Leather jackets styles speak for your personality

With the passage of time, leather jackets have evolved a lot. Back in 1900s, there were only bomber jackets and flight jackets, but with time, we now have several styles, such as biker jacket, flight jacket, fields jacket, café racer jacket, motorcycle jacket and many more. The style that you choose, definitely speaks for your personality and character. For instance, if you go along with a motorcycle jacket, you will be embraced with boldness and strength that bikers tend to own. On the other hand, if you go along with a flight jacket, you are choosing to be subtler and elegant. 

  • Leather jackets are stylish and warm as well

Leather jackets are not only stylish, and can transform your casual look into a classy one, but it is meant to embrace you with ultimate warmth and comfort as well. Leather jackets are usually considered as winter apparels, and can be used as a layering apparel. The thick and waterproof material of your leather jacket keeps you warm and cozy. 


Leather jackets are definitely the kind of apparels that every one of us must have in their wardrobes. They are truly the most versatile and iconic piece of clothing that can style up your casual personality with great attitude, confidence and grace. There are significant advantages to getting your hands on a good leather jacket, so, what are you even waiting for? If you don’t own one until now, then go get it right away, because there can’t be any better time than now. Good luck bud!

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