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8 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Samsung Refrigerator

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Samsung fridges are known to be durable refrigerators and when you buy one, you can rest assured that it won’t let you down. However, a Samsung fridge is an appliance and as much as it has stood the test of time of reliability, issues can crop up. All Samsung fridges come with a warranty period, but in case you want to prevent problems that may occur beyond your warranty, there are ways to keep your refrigerator well-maintained.


About Samsung Refrigerators

One of the most integral appliances in any household, a refrigerator is something that’s an absolute necessity. Whatever the season or climate, a refrigerator is always functional. Whether you have a Samsung double door fridge or a single door fridge, you have to maintain it as it keeps your food fresh and keeps you healthy.

Today, the brand Samsung has proved its mettle, standing out as one of India’s premier home appliance brands. As a refrigerator brand, it’s at the top, offering fridges with best-in-class features and specifications in every price segment. If you are looking for the latest Samsung Refrigerator then you can shop from Bajaj EMI Store directly.


The Need for Maintenance

A refrigerator may appear like an appliance that is going to last forever, but in reality, the story is quite different. Fridges consume substantial amounts of energy. Furthermore, they may prove to be immensely expensive to repair or replace. If you have gone all out and spent a huge amount on a Samsung fridge, it can be heartbreaking to learn that your not-so-old Samsung double door fridge has experienced a major breakdown.

When you discover rancid food odour, vegetables that are warm to the touch and water seepage, this is a traumatic situation to fathom for a homemaker. In the event this takes place, you may go on a vigorous hunt for specialists to repair your Samsung fridge. You may spend a ton of money on repair work. However, just a few months later, you may face the same problems once more.

Hence, it is important to regularly maintain your fridge to optimise its functioning. Although Samsung and its refrigerators vow unmatched durability, there are certain ways to ensure your refrigerator proficiently performs effectively beyond the period of the warranty. Here, you will discover 8 easy tips to see that your Samsung fridge keeps itself in mint condition, lasting you for many years to come.


  1. Gasket Cleaning

The top refrigerators today need cleaning on a regular basis. In order that they deliver seamless operation, the first thing to clean is the rubber gasket that surrounds your Samsung fridge door. If this isn’t cleaned when required, it can affect your fridge’s motor and the motor gets overworked. Gradually, although the gasket may seem clean, dirt, grime and particles may get stuck in gasket folds. Without you noticing, the door may not shut appropriately and this causes an air leak. The fridge, in such circumstances, has to work harder to maintain the level of temperature.


  1. Temperature Setting

Crucial to tending to the efficiency of any refrigerator is the temperature setting in fridges. For instance, if it is too cold, it may have to work more. Setting the temperature at a little higher level makes sure that your fridge does not have to go over the top and work itself more. This may expand the life of your fridge and keep your power bills moderately low. Ideally, in your Samsung double door fridge, the temperature should be set at anywhere from 3 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius.


  1. Overheating Should be Avoided

A fridge should never be exposed to heat, either from the interior of the fridge or the exterior. Any items that are placed in your kitchen like dishwashers, ovens and other heat sources can heat the air in your refrigerator’s environment. Consequently, the fridge’s compressor can go into overdrive and consume a huge amount of power. Hence, your fridge should always be kept in an area away from any heat source, including direct sunlight. Also, you must always let hot dishes cool before placing them in the refrigerator. If your refrigerator shows the same problem again and again then you can shop for the latest refrigerator for yourself.


  1. Overloading Must be Avoided

 If your Samsung fridge is loaded with too much food or other things, the air inside will not be circulated appropriately. Contrastingly, keeping it empty isn’t a solution either, as the temperature will not be maintained. Particularly, the fridge door, bins and shelves of your Samsung fridge should not be excessively bundled with items. Shelves can break and the door can get unhinged over time.


  1. Airflow Issues

Your fridge should be kept in a spot where air circulates properly. Ideally, it should be in an appropriately ventilated area as if the airflow is blocked, your fridge will have to exert more power.


  1. Defrosting

Your Samsung double door fridge comes equipped with advanced technology and as it is frost-free, it doesn’t typically need to be defrosted. However, some Samsung fridges are direct cool refrigerators and these do need to be defrosted. Frost should never be allowed to be built up in a refrigerator up to half an inch of thickness. In a direct cool fridge, you should scrape the frost off if this happens, and make it a practice to defrost your fridge bi-annually.


  1. Cleaning Coils 

In case your fridge has coils, either at the back of the refrigerator or at the bottom, ensure the cleaning of these at least once a year. These coils function to get rid of heat from the unit, thus maintaining your fridge’s energy-efficient operation. Coils that get dusty ruin your fridge’s capacity to run optimally.


  1. A Level Position

It is very important to place your fridge on a level surface. If this is not the case, your Samsung fridge will not be able to run its motor properly. Additionally, setting your fridge on a level surface will ensure the door shuts well.


A Few Steps, Maintenance Guaranteed

A Samsung fridge or any other model is not bought every other day, and when you buy any of the best fridges from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you want to see that it lasts long. With a bit of care, any fridge you buy can be properly maintained. You can purchase your preferred refrigerator from the EMI Store while availing discounts and offers. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase the item on No Cost EMI.






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