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How to Buy the Best Car Cover?

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Car covers are very important car exterior accessories. They not only safeguard the vehicle from weather elements but also safeguard it from scratches, dents, and scratches that can be caused by stones on a long drive. There are a lot of car cover companies in India that claim to provide the best car covers. This is a good thing for us as consumers because we now have a variety of car body cover options to choose from. But at the same time, it is important that the quality and other features are not compromised. When buying a car cover there are many features that one must consider to ensure they get value for every penny spent.

So, how to buy the best car cover?

Research: The first thing that needs to be done is car research. There are many reviews available on car covers. Read them thoroughly and then decide which car brand you want as your car accessory for yourself. Also, it is better if you buy your car accessories online because the prices tend to be lower and more competitive. When researching for the best options, look at hands-on reviews and product comparison sites for different brands. This will help you make a better decision while shopping around.

Contour Fit or Custom Fit: There are two types of car covers available for different vehicles – custom fit and contour fit. Before purchasing a car cover, you need to make sure that it is perfectly compatible with your vehicle’s type.  Custom-fit covers are more expensive than contour-fit car covers. Custom-fit car covers are made to your vehicle’s specifications, so they offer a better fit than contour fits. They also need to be thicker on the sides and on the lower part compared to contour fits.

Waterproof: Most Indian roads witness heavy rains, so it is advisable to use waterproof car covers. It has a special coating on them that makes them waterproof. 

UV protection: UV rays are harmful to your car’s paint, so using a good quality car cover with good UV protection will help you preserve the paint job of your vehicle during summers.

Dirt resistance: This is another beneficial aspect of car covers. One can remove the dirt from their cars with less effort when they use a cover, so you will have to spend less time cleaning your vehicle.

Mirror pockets: Having mirror pockets on the back of a car cover allows one to drive in reverse without any trouble or fear that their mirrors might get cracked.

Fade resistance: Fade is caused when the car paint job absorbs sunlight and bleaches from the inside out. When this happens, even a good-quality car paint job starts looking bad and will gradually start peeling off. The best way to prevent your car’s paint job from getting faded is by using a good-quality car cover.

Durable: Before buying a car cover, you should always check how durable it is. The best way to do this is by checking the material that has been used in the making of the car cover. Most car covers are made out of polyester blend because they are lightweight and good for storage purposes, but if you want something more durable and long-lasting, you can opt for oil-repellent car covers that are made out of cotton and nylon blend.

Trusted online seller: If you need to buy car covers online, always purchase them from a trusted and reputed seller. Carorbis – India’s leading online store sells car accessories online at an affordable price, with the best quality material. Carorbis offers the best products and there are many high-quality car interiors and exterior accessories to buy.  

Material:  One should consider the material used to make a car cover before buying it, as some material is more durable than others. Pure cotton is very easy to tear compared to polyester. Some of the materials used for car cover are polyester, pure cotton,  polypropylene, PVC, and polyvinyl chloride.

Weight of the product: The weight of the product must make it easy to carry so that you do not have to face any trouble when you wish to cover your car. 

Size: The size of the cover and the size of your car must be in proportion to each other. You should measure your car before buying a product because if it is too small then you will not get any benefit from using it and if it is too large, then when there is wind, the cover might fly away.

Design features: Car covers are available in different designs, so one should consider this factor when buying a car cover. Some designs are more convenient than others, for example, some models have pockets where you can store small things like your car key.

Usage: Car covers are of different sizes, so one should consider their car’s specifications before buying a cover. For example, if your car is very big then it will be difficult to find the right size of cover for your vehicle which fits properly. If you own a sedan, then you can choose between two types of covers.

Price: The price of a product can give you an idea of its quality, so one should consider this factor when buying a car cover. Generally speaking, it is advisable to buy a product that falls in the mid-price range instead of the cheapest or most expensive ones.

When you buy a car cover, always make sure that it has all the features that are mentioned above. Also, when you are ready with your car accessories list, make sure to check the return policy. Carorbis has an easy return and exchange policy that ensures that the customer gets the right product delivered at their doorstep. 

Carorbis brings various car accessories, car care products, car cleaning products, lubricants, protection accessories, etc. to fulfill the needs of the Indian customers.  Does your car cover need replacement?  Then it’s time to log in to and find the suitable car cover for your car. 


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