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Season 19 Warmind Cell Build For Titans

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The Dawning 2022 armor sets


  • The new Ikelos SMG can roll with Voltshot
  • The build is designed for low-difficulty raids, dungeons and Nightfalls
  • Equip anti-champion mods or weapons whenever necessary

The return of Seventh Seraph and Ikelos weapons in “Destiny 2” has made the prospect of Warmind Cell builds a lot more interesting than in previous seasons, especially since the reprised guns now have new perks to choose from.

Here’s one build for Titans that leans heavily into the Striker fantasy of hitting hard and fast while blowing everything away like an approaching storm.

Weapons and Armor

The Ikelos SMG v1.0.3 is arguably the best primary weapon for this build because of its ability to roll with Voltshot, a top-tier perk for add-clear that synergizes with the Arc subclass. But the gun performs well even without this perk.

The exotic of choice here mostly depends on the content players plan on running. For activities where Champions are present, consider using ones with innate anti-champion mods like Arbalest, Bastion or The Lament. For raids and dungeons, go with either Witherhoard or Izanagi’s Burden for boss damage.

Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG v1.0.3
The Ikelos SMG v1.0.3 in Destiny 2 Season 19
Destiny 2

As for the exotic armor piece, Heart of Inmost Light is highly recommended for its general effectiveness in any content. Players who want to pursue a more aggressive playstyle can use the Insurmountable Skullfort instead.

Class Setup

This build uses the Arc subclass since it focuses on dishing out high damage. Particularly, it uses the usual Knockout and Touch of Thunder combo for general PvE Titan gameplay.

For fragments, use the following:

  • Spark of Shock
  • Spark of Ions
  • Spark of Magnitude
  • Spark of Volts

This allows for constant Jolt procs on top of a steady stream of Ionic Traces whenever players use Storm Grenade or activate Voltshot on their SMG.

For the melee ability, Thunderclap is amazing for clearing out tight groups without forcing players out of position. Pair this with any of the three class abilities based on preference.

Armor Mods

Warmind Cells

  • Rage of the Warmind
  • Wrath of Rasputin
  • Global Reach

Normal Mods

  • Font of Might
  • Energy Diffusion Substrate
  • Impact Induction
  • Melee Wellmaker

This setup works best in dungeons, raids and Nightfalls, but expect harder versions of these activities to be significantly more difficult due to the Striker’s lack of reliable self-healing while in combat. Additionally, try to leave some space for mods like Low Entropy Superconductor and Weakened Clear in case the fireteam needs stuns and debuffs.

Destiny 2 Spire Armor
The Western-themed armor sets introduced with in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon

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