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Test Asana Demo Right Away: Know Here Why It Is Better Workplace Management Tool

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Asana is a cloud-based, widely acknowledged project management tool used by businesses and organizations for multiple reasons. It might be because Asana is in itself an “all in one” management tool. Before giving you a more in-depth overview of this project management tool, we suggest you try to Asana Demo yourself to get a more in-hand experience. But let us first help you know why it might be a better workplace management tool for managing your company or the whole management process.

Asana has several features to fulfill the needs of your organization. These features are customizable according to your organizational requirements. From helping you streamline your projects to sustain effective communication within organizations and teams to record progress updates, Asana offers what you demand. The struggle of moving from one app to another, each for its specific use, this project management tool extensively reduces this hectic practice by offering many integrations.

It assists you in management, collaborations, communications, and tracking. However, it is free to try Asana Demo if your company has a maximum of fifteen members. But if your company has more members, you can purchase premium packages. But before, let’s get into its features to know whether it is the right choice for your company or not.

Features of Asana Software:

Communication Streamline:

Asana is highly valuable for the streaming of communication for any organization. The reliability of this tool grants it a maximum score for improving communications among employees. You won’t have to go to emails and other modes of interaction to see the project assignments, updates, and other apps separately.

Asana provides you a dashboard view to view the assignment, update your progress, add comments and notes, and attach links and files. You can track all the communication you need to do just in one place. It fixes a lot of the exhausting communication loopholes.

Smooth Project Management:

To increase productivity and smooth project management, Asana offers many features that are needed to be appropriately used with planning for higher results. Its user-centric components allow you to create a workspace to depute the projects and add your team to the project. And to such projects, you can further divide the category of tasks and sub-tasks.

Such sort of planning is handy in assigning specific members a separate task. You can set deadlines, and an earlier reminder can report the progress timely. The mode of your projects depends upon the customization you make. Some can be long-term, while others can be short-term projects.

Task and Subtask Tracking Become Easy:

Another noteworthy feature Asana project management software offers is the division of a project under the umbrella of tasks and subtasks. It allows assigning tasks to individuals or groups with a decision deadline. Moreover, you can break the tasks into sub-tasks to automate the performance evaluation where the designated individuals are responsible for keeping the flow of communication through updating their progress.

Even Asana Demo includes many features such as sections and columns, which can maximize the work efficiency by arranging subtasks and making a good strategy for them. Timeline, due dates, milestones, goals, attachments, comment box, and approval section are also available options. It makes the tracking of tasks and subtasks easier.

Tons of Integrations:

Asana also has a notably handy feature of tons of integrations. This feature is a revolutionary specification where you can integrate with essential apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Gmail, and several other third-party apps.

It is pretty helpful to reach all these apps, as mentioned earlier, in one place. Asama Demo offers more than a hundred app integrations, which is a plus point to start and test yourself all the essential features before going towards Asana pricing packages.

Eliminating Tedious Hurdles:

So far, we have discussed many features of Asana that make it more credible and user-friendly. It eliminates numerous hurdles for process collaboration, management, and tracking. It gets you rid of the monotonous task of switching from one app to another for different work prospects.

All the necessary proceedings are handled through this software. You don’t need to send extra emails while you can do it by using Asana. Feedback can be given and taken through it. Setting team meetings can take place from it. You can update your progress from the task and subtask sections. So, the benefits are that it replaces tedious hurdles with swift and promoting solutions.

Friendly UX:

We have noted the tremendous user experience Asana provides to its users. It is vital to notice how it packs all the valuable features in place, which can increase the solution rate and eventually the company’s productivity.

A dashboard from which you can accommodate yourself to manage all the tasks and subtasks. Organize meetings. And update progress or remind others to edit. All these are customizable, which leaves a good user experience through its user-centric approach to please its users.

Is Asana the Right Choice for You?

With thousands of organizations using Asana project management software to manage from daily tasks to strategic execution, it all depends on your requirements to choose it. To know whether it is a good choice for you or not, after elaborating its features, we recommend you use a free Asana demo to check if it meets your needs. From small teamwork to a large organization, Asana has managed to keep the satisfaction rate above 80% for each of its features after 8,000 plus verified reviews.

So, we will emphasize again to test the Asana demo right away. If it turns out to be the right choice for you, you can purchase its paid version according to your company’s necessities. Asana pricing varies for each of its editions. At the same time, Asana has four editions: Basic (free), Premium, Business, and Enterprise.


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