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Top 5 Secrets to Create Body Wave Hair at Home

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Secrets to DIY body wave hair

It’s sometimes a lot more fun to try something new with our hair at home just by ourselves than sitting on a salon chair for hours. Well, today’s talk is way more interesting than other hair ideas – it’s “Body Wavy Hair.” To achieve the look, you may wear body wave closure wigs and deep wave closure wigs, but you can also DIY on your natural hair. Lucky for you, there are secrets to achieving body waves with your natural hair at home. There’s something for everyone from styling tools to ponytails, sea salt spray, and leave-in braids! Here are the 3 secrets to creating body wave hair on your own – simple DIY methods.

Secret #1: The Ponytail Method

Body wave hair with the ponytail method

Curling your hair while it’s in a ponytail is one of the easiest ways to achieve natural waves. We believe many women are aware of this idea. However, if you are new to this idea, it’s the perfect method to create elegant waves. Let’s show you step-by-step to create beautiful body waves using the ponytail method;

Step 1: Use a large barrel curler to create the waves, but before that, use a heat-protective spray first to protect your hair against the heat.

Step 2: So, now that you have sprayed your heat guard properly, we can get started!

Step 3: Begin by pulling your hair back into a ponytail and curling small sections from the ponytail. Curling your hair into a ponytail saves time and makes it easy to see any strands you may have missed.

Step 4: Remove the scrunchie carefully after curling the entire pony, not harming the curls.

Step 5: Apply texturizing spray to the roots of your hair and work it down to the ends.

Step 6: Using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, pull the curls out until you achieve the desired texture.

Step 7: Finish with a little misting of a holding spray.

That’s how you get gorgeous body waves using a simple ponytail method. It’s easy. As easy as pie! However, use body wave closure wigs if you are bored to go through the steps.

Secret #2: The Leave-In Braid Method

Body wave hair with the leave-in braid method

Sleeping in braids is the oldest and most popular trick to create natural waves. This procedure will work even if your hair is completely straight. Whether French, Dutch, Box, or other, any braid or plait will work. Here we will show you how to create body waves with slightly damp hair.

Step 1: Separate your hair into small sections. To create body waves, keep the sections a little thicker and bigger.

Step 2: Braid all the sections of hair using any braiding method. Braid the sections loosely to create body waves because tight braids will create more of a crimped look.

Step 3: Apply a moisturizing spray to your hair. You can use any hydrating or leave-in hair product.

Step 4: Secure the braids with an elastic tie just tight enough to keep the braid in place if you toss and turn at night. Now, go to sleep.

Step 5: Now, wake up and check if your braids are completely dry. If the braids are still damp, run a hairdryer through your hair if necessary to remove any excess moisture.

Step 6: Remove the hair ties and unlock the braids. While doing so, run your fingers through the unraveling braids.

Step 7: Spritz your tresses with hairspray after you get the elegant body waves. Applying hairspray results in unruly natural waves with a hint of sleekness and minimal frizz.

Secret #3: The Sea Salt Spray Method

Use sea salt spray to create body wave hair.

This is the simplest secret to generate flowing body waves in a fraction of the time, without heat damage. Make a sea salt spray at home or purchase one from the store, and you are good to go. Oh, get a diffuser too.

Here is how you get the body wave hair with sea salt spray;

For Straight Hair Ladies

Step 1: Use a sea salt spray is to spritz your wet hair.

Step 2: Braid your hair as given in the secret number 2 (leave-in braids method)

Step 3: Remove your braids after your hair is completely dried.

For Wavy-Haired Ladies

Step 1: Diffuse your hair after spritzing it with sea salt spray.

Step 2: Set the blow dryer to cool and give your waves a quick once over. This will aid in the setting of the waves, allowing them to remain longer.

Tips: Use a sea salt spray to give your body wave closure wigs a pumped-up and voluminous look. Sea Salt sprays make the wigs appear thicker and healthy.


We are done spilling 3 top secrets to create body wave hair at home. All the methods are completely beginner-friendly, and you might get it right on the first go! Just don’t sit around. Go try it!

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