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Watch How Two Irish Boys Stowed Themselves on a Transatlantic Flight | The New Yorker Documentary

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[Tape recorder noise]

[Male Voice] This is Morning Ireland.

It’s quarter past eight.

The news headlines.

[ambulance sirens ring] [upbeat background music]

[bike engine sounding] [upbeat background music]

[Male Reporter] Two Dublin boys who stowed away

on an air India flight from London to New York.

[Female Reporter] They were discovered

by New York police on Saturday,

standing on a pavement near the airport terminal.

[Male Reporter] They appear, in the American vernacular,

to be streetwise.

[Female Reporter] The boys, 13 year old Noel Murray,

and ten-year-old Keith Byrne,

are both from the Dublin suburb of Darndale.

[Witness] He was told not to move out.

His dinner was down


and when I looked out again,

Keith was gone.

[Interviewer] Dave tried to get out of Ireland

twice last week.

Are you afraid that they might do this again?

[Witness] Yes.

[Male Voice] I don’t often talk about it much,

but if someone asks me,

I’m happy to talk about it.

[Male Voice] People keep on asking me this story

over and over and over.

I was a celebrity for a brief time.

[Male Voice] I am famous for a trip that I’ve made

with a friend of mine in 1985 to America.

I remember a few things from that year.

[Interviewer] Can I go now? Yes.

What were you, Keith?

I was 10 years of age.

10. Okay.

I was 13 and me friend was 10.

[Keith] The time of Maggie Thatcher.

Oh yeah, Maggie Thatcher as well.

[Noel moans]

I think there was something

about moving statues in Ireland somewhere.

Live Ed and the A-Team

The A-Team, yeah. [laughs]


I love it when a plan comes together.

Oh. [laughs]

Growing up in around Coolock in the eighties wasn’t great.

There wasn’t great money in the country.

A lot of people unemployed, high unemployment rate.

Darndale it was a bit rough.

A lot of joy riding and a lot of crime.

A lot of people from the inner city

and the flats, complexes and all just thrown

into this housing estate,

all left to defend for themselves.

[children shouting]

That was the drugs in the area, but me,

me and the lads, me and Keith

and the other boys used to stick together.

Basically the breeding ground for trouble, crime,

antisocial behavior,

[siren blares]

which most of us fell into.


stealing food,

bunking off,

hang the clothes in the fountain in the Ilac Center.

Used to mitch from school a lot.

Mitching. It means the same as bunking.

You don’t know what a bunk is?

Yeah, me and Keith,

we used to travel the length and breadth of Ireland

on boats and trains and couches and.

A bunk is travel on public transport,

or any kind of transport, free.

[train horn blares]

We head off and just go missing for the day

and nobody knows where we are.

We could end up in bleeding, wherever. [laughs]

Going around the place, causing trouble.

[Noel] Shoplifting and doing stupid things.

[Keith] Gardy being called, the pummels, being sent home,

being brought home by Gardy.

[Noel] We’d end up in county, we’d end up in Galway,

we’d end up in Donegal.

I was a devil, I was adventurous.

When we and Keith got a few bob,

we couldn’t buy trainers and tracksuits and.

Well, what kind of make were they Keith again?

[indistinct reply]

Shell suits and we used to love them

and all these shiny things.

[Keith laughs]

We were desperate looking yokes. [laughs]

[bus engine sounding]

Yeah so I’ll always remember my mom has asked me

to go to the shop.

She was getting the dinner prepared.

And she asked my to go down and get a bag of spuds

in the local shop.

I went around to get the spuds.

On the way back, I bumped into Noel.

So we dropped off the spuds in the house

and me ma says, Don’t go far,

your dinner’s nearly ready.

to a giant void, yep ma no butter.

And we just set off.

[upbeat music]

We decided to go to the local Dart Station,

the train station

and got on the train

and ended up out in Dún Laoghaire.

And we went out,

stealing out and in Dún Laoghaire

and we seen the ferry in the part.

We, then decided to bunk on the ferry.

Seeming. I think it was, yeah,

I think we were on the ferry before.

‘Cause he used to go there and Portlands are in Wales.

And was that the second time you went on the boat?

Don’t know what you mean?

Because he went a few times on that bulkhead.

We could just go.

[Noel laughs]

You could say we were seasoned travelers.

Like the two of us together.

We were very far from innocent.

We went into the duty free shop

and we went in behind the storeroom of the duty free

and we left out with the cigarettes.

We didn’t even smoke at the time.

We went to a place called Holyhead, Whales.

We just followed all the other passengers.

And you can get a train

that brings you from Holyhead into London.

[Train engine sounding]

So the reason why we got to train,

we got the [indistinct],

the fuckin’

Sorry for cursing.

We met someone on the train,

very friendly chap,

who allowed us to stay in his house overnight

with him and his girlfriend.

We weren’t scared at all.

I mean he,

he didn’t even call the police on us

or the authorities or,

like I dunno why he didn’t do that.

He just went along with what we were telling him.

I don’t know what we wanted to do.

We just wanted to get out [indistinct]

and you just end up in London.

Yeah. In the middle and on the central on the.

[upbeat music]

Everything was a very fast paced,

lot more so than in Ireland, in the eighties,

different cultures, different people,

all sorts of different things that was alien to us.

You haven’t a got a memory key. Don’t you [indistinct]

[Noel laughs]

[train intercom sounding]

The next morning,

I think we ended up in Heathrow airport.

We just went up to get food

because we were hungry

because we used to rob in Dublin airport.

We used to go and rob out all the stuff

out of restaurant and. [laughs]

We were going up to the restaurants

and going through the self service

and of course helping ourselves to food.

Whatever we wanted without paying for anything.

We are two little shits. Yeah.

That’s all Keith, Yeah.

We’re two little shits.

I think maybe the thinking at the time might have been,

Oh we’ll fly home from London into Dublin.

I don’t know how we detail was decided.

We just, I don’t know how [indistinct]

So we started kind of thinking of ways,

how we could do that.

So first of all, how do we get through the security gates?

We stand in the queue

and we just looked at each other and we says,


Keith looked at me and I looked at Keith

and we just says, yeah,

That took a few hours, a couple of different attempts.

We just followed the crowd and [indistinct] asks,

Where’s our tickets?

We just said, our ma’s is just behind us.

Somebody just fell for that

and we kinda just held hands,

like two little innocent brothers and says,

oh yeah, where were our parents?

And they just,

[indistinct] when we arrived to get to where we got to.

So when we got past the security, our next thing was okay,

which plane do we get on? Where do we go?

So we just kind of start asking the people

that we are seeing, walking up and down with suitcases.

You could just tell us to go on.

And we gonna show all the checkouts.

You just tell us to go on, go on.

One man just happened to tell us,

oh yeah, this is the plane to America

to New York specifically.

We looked at each other and thought,

the A-team,


maybe we can see B.A.

Let’s Go.

Then we end up on the plane.

I just remember getting on the plane

and the air hostess,

it was an Indian girl with a dot on her forehead.

And then she just says, hello.

And we just walked by her.

Of course we’d never been on planes before

so we didn’t know what to do.

We just followed the person in front of us,

whatever they were doing.

And me and Keith sat in the seat

in the middle of the airplane.

Nobody came out to us.

There was a lot of the seats left over, you know,

so we were going to hide in the toilet,

but we said no, so. [laughs]

This was all a great adventure to us.

There was no time for fear or worry or anxiousness

or anything like that.

This was all just exciting.

I was never on a plane before.

That was the first time on a plane.

I think as soon as we got on the runway

and kinda looked out the window,

it kind of came a bit more real as kind of,

Ooh we’re really doing this.

Well I wasn’t scared.

I don’t know but [indistinct] but I wasn’t.

[Keith] Crazy on a 747 Jumbo Jet.

And then you just hear the certain bores of the engine,

it’s like tumbling in the clouds and.

It was good when I was gone

but how fast was going through me and then into the air.

Ooh, hold on there’s no turning back from this.

We’re going up into the air.

I think Keith was looking out to me

and I was looking out to him.

[flight engine sounding]

On the flight, we were given food on the plane,

which was kind of strange to us.

Like we had air hostesses,

coming up saying, Are you’s okay?

Do you’s want something to eat?

Food, Indian foods.

Asked us if we want their dinner

and we said yeah and we got it.

They serve us some curry with rice and stuff,

which I wasn’t too fond of.

It was very, very hot.

[plane sounds]

We fell asleep going over so.

I think you fell asleep, did you?

I haven’t got a clue Keith.

I probably did.

I think you did fall asleep

because of it. ‘Cause I remember

that it was dark on the plane.

We have to watch a movie.

They were pulling down screens.

I think we was watching a James Bond film,

[Jame Bond theme music]

But yeah a really pleasant journey on the plane,

everyone really nice.

And then we just woke up in JFK.

John F Ken whatever you call it, JFK.

[flight engines sounding] [beat music]

We had no idea what was in front of us,

what we were going to do next.

Like what happens when we come out with this airport

and we’re in a different, strange country.

What do we do then?

Nobody stopped us, they asked us for passports and visas

and what me and Keith was saying all the time,

Our ma’s is behind us, our ma’s

And they were telling us to go on and on and on.

We thought, oh yeah, that’d work again

like it did in London that we just walked through.

But funny enough, it didn’t.

The last barrier and this was just this black guy

and he asked us for our passports and visas.

And he told us, okay, you better wait,

stand over there and wait for your parents for a few minutes

till your parents come through.

As soon as he turned his head,

we were gone underneath the barrier,

legging it as fast as we could.

[airport intercom sounding]

So I think we were in the airport,

all in all without venturing anywhere outside

for about two and a half, three hours, I’d say.

We came across these kinda seats

and if you put money in the seats,

you could get a massage with the chair

and watch a little movie on a little screen.

So this was all crazy.

It was like being on a ride in the RDS

in Funderland or something.

When we got out on the [indistinct],

we just seen yellow cabs and big, huge buildings.

And we looked at ourselves lass,

where the heck are we?

We didn’t know where we were.

[Keith] It was mad when we arrived in America.

Wasn’t it looking at all the strange,

[Noel] Oh yeah, strange,

where we was. No, No

Where the fuck are we?

Oh, sorry for cursing.

We seen this guard,

we didn’t know he was a policeman.

we thought he was a security guard.

Something just didn’t seem right to me.

And I stopped em’ and I asked em’

where they were going.

Me and Keith asked him,

which way was the town?

The center of town?

I said, Where are your parents?

And a little guy. Well, he was the mouth.

He was the ringleader.

He says, Me ma, Me ma, in the center of town.

We’re going to meet,

I said, You’re meeting your parents

in the center of town?

So we then just told him, Oh no,

like our parents are not inside,

we’re on our own.

I said, Okay, wait right here.

I got on the radio and I requested a supervisor

and Sergeant Harrison showed up.

I had no idea what this was leading to.

The youngest one, he kept thinking that he could fool us

by saying me ma, me ma.

Trying to give the impression

that his parents were somewhere behind them.

And they had just walked ahead.

And as soon as I heard the brogue, I said,

you know, these kids didn’t just come from the Bronx.

They thought that they fooled people on the airline

that they could do the same with officer white and I.

Well, it turned out not to be the case.

[police sirens ringing]

Next thing we knew,

we’re sitting in the back of an American, New York

police car on the way to the police precinct.

We take them to an area

that is as non-threatening as possible

because of the juveniles.

They didn’t put us in a cell,

they just put us in a room

and they were questioning us for a few hours.

For a few hours, it was a good few hours.

[Sergeant Harrison] It was clear

that we were not getting straight answers.

When we are telling them what we’d done

and how far we’d come.

They couldn’t believe it.

Sergeant Harrison, if I remember correctly,

kinda read them the Riot Act.

That this was not a joke.

There are people looking for you.

There are people who care for you.

There are people who love you

and want you to be returned to them safely.

I think he was just concerned about us

‘Cause we was only two kids in the middle of New York.

They were able to tell us

what the flight attendants looked like,

the movie that they saw on a plane,

what they had for dinner.

So their story had to be true.

Things just started unfolding bit by bit.

We tried to get in contact with authorities in London

to see if anybody were looking for them.

At this point,

this was kind of getting really surreal now

and strange because there was so many people,

police officers, people in suits,

just even coming in and looking at us




Listen, it was a very light atmosphere.

I mean that there weren’t criminals.

They had all the sovereign and chips they wanted,

they were laughing and joking

and couldn’t care less.

At this point,

we are starting to think maybe we’re celebrities now.

You might believe this, right.

We are in the police station

and Keith ask them well is that a real gun he was carrying.

A he says, Yeah.

Mr. can I have a shot of that gun?

So Keith asked them could he hold gun?

I’d seen Hill Street Blues on the telly before,

so we thought this is was all a big cup show.

All a big laugh.

So he hand Keith the gun.

He took the bullets out and hand Keith the gun, Yeah.

No bullets in, I turned around

and pointed at me friend, oh. [makes gun sound]

[gun firing]

And then they quickly just grabbed it back.

Officer says gimme that

or I’ll get into the trouble.

Well let’s shoot.

We were cute enough now, we were saying,

Oh Mr. have you got different money than us?

Show us your money.

And you know, of course, they were taking it out.

They were delighted [Noel laughs]

to show us. They were saying,

oh look, this is $10 and this,

And we were saying, Oh, can I have that, or no?

you know. [Noel laughs]

And they were saying, oh yeah, yeah, here you go.

So we had a collection of money

before we even left the police station. [laughs]

But then they found out who we were.

He rang Dublin [indistinct] police station.

And I was led to believe then

that the guard went up to our houses.

So the guard that would arrive at my house,

knocking on the door.

Mrs. Byrne, we found your son he’s in New York.

The guard says we in New York,

me ma tells she says, York street.

Well, it was New York.

It must have been very, very strange.

Your son who, you’ve reported him missing.

And now he’s bloody ended up in New York.

I asked her if she loved him.

And she said, yes.

She was very surprised that he wound up in New York.

Anything could have happened to them.

They are very fortunate that officer White saw them.

[heavy beat music]

After all the questioning and all,

We were kind of figuring out, okay,

what are we going to do with these?

I stayed with them until they were turned over

to the security force for Air India.

They decided for some strange reason

to put us in a five-star hotel,

in a private suite. [laughs]

[heavy beat music]

I was never in the hotel before so it was brilliant.

I’d seen a few,

which I thought were fancy hotels in Ireland,

but this was on a totally other level altogether.

They brought us up into this huge, massive,

like penthouse suite or something

with a big room like,

which would have been bigger than my house.

He asked, if we want McDonald’s and [indistinct]

I was like McDonald’s, burgers, milkshakes, everything.

They had us like just crashed out on the chairs,

watching films.

As Keith would say, we get fat like [indistinct].

Of course we kind of tended to take the [indistinct].

So we were kinda asking for everything.

It was like just having the menu of, okay guys,

pick what you’s want.

[Noel] And these weren’t guys that were watchers

in the hotel, they were men in suites.

[Keith] At one stage,

they tried to handcuff the two of us together.

He was only a small fella.

I was only small me self but his hands were skinny.

You’re too skinny.

And his hand escaped going out of handcuffs.

Remember that?

[Keith] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So they ditched that fairly quickly.

Me and Keith had jewelry that we stoled.

From Heathrow airport in the duty-free.

We decided that maybe we’ll sell this to the guys,

to security.

And then

they bought it off us.

Keith asked them, What you gonna do with the jewelry?

Were they buying it for their wives or for their family,


They said they’re going to keep for the hookers, so.

[Noel laughs]

Like at the time we didn’t even know what a hooker was.

So like, you know, to us, it didn’t make any sense.

They asked us, didn’t we want to go out on a trip?

Because we were just stuck

in the hotel bedroom, In the hotel bedroom , yeah.

Just in the bedroom all day, I suppose,

just watching telly.

Of course we were the crack with them.

The security were asking, why would we come over here?

And we told them all, we came to see B.A. from the A-team.

So he says, Oh, we’ll bring you to see B.A.

[lively music]

[Noel] He bought us a T-shirt to wear.

I love New York.

Bringing us on sites seeing tours.

He showed us the Brooklyn bridge, driving around the Bronx,

shown us all the graffiti all over the place.

And at the Empire State Building.

Is it the Empire State Building?

We did definitely see the Empire State Building

Yeah, the Empire State

[Keith] ‘Cause he brought, they let us go in there.

And they bought us souvenirs.

Right its the little souvenirs, the little marble splints

with a kind of like plastic

[Noel] of steel from the Yeah, yeah,

[Noel] Empire State Building. Yeah

[Keith] Places that we would only kind of

recognize from movies and stuff like that.

They gave us dollars as well.

So, they looked after us.

They were nice people to us.

This was still an adventure to us,

[Noel] Yeah. Until,

I think the airline people

started getting involved and.

Yeah, things got to be serious for a short while.

People started coming to the penthouse part

where we were staying

they were kind of looking at it

from a more serious point of view.

If we were like maybe terrorists or smuggling in stuff

into America.

We could have been anybody, you know,

did y’all just worried.

And we just said we don’t know how we’d done it.

We just said we don’t know how we’d done it.

Well we broke out of the security, so.

I suppose that’s when things,

we realize started getting a bit more serious

with these people turning up so.

Very serious people with very serious questions.

I remember getting borrowed into a big room.

[Keith] Some office buildings where the airline was based.

[Noel] We were asked a lot of questions.

[Keith] You know, they want to do this 12 hours a day.

Do you want [indistinct]?

Do you want puzzles?

See what we, see what we telling the truth.

We were young kids.

We were fed up.

We just wanted to go home.

We were tired.

We were taking the piss.

We told em’ we got on the airplane

and we didn’t pay and.

And of course, these guys were just get fed up with this.

And they were just like getting really annoyed.

Voices were getting raised.

And the assessment was we didn’t tell the truth.

They’re going to put us into a children’s home

if we didn’t tell the truth.

So at one point,

when we were being questioned and laughing and joking,

this one, man come in and he went bang on the table,

Do you’s actually realize the seriousness of this?

and we were kind of ooh, okay,

like petrified at this stage, this is getting serious here.

[Reporter] These are the first pictures

from the crash scene showing

that the air India jet had disintegrated.

The plane had exploded.

That there’d been a bomb aboard.

It was just a plane that we traveled on.

It was an Air India plane.

Couple of weeks before the Air India plane

had actually blown up just off the coast,

the [indistinct] there.

And everybody died on it.

There was a bomb that went off.

I think it was blown up, was it?

They didn’t care that we were two young kids

having the cracker, messing about, like they,

they were seeing the serious side of this.

So then we kind of started realizing, okay, this is serious.

We better help these people.

[Noel] We were brought back to the airport a few times.

[Keith] They had actually shut off one whole part

of the airport where we had come through.

We weren’t handcuffed it.

They didn’t put us in handcuffs and.

[Keith] And we had to show them minute by minute,

step by step,

how we had bloody well done this.

[Noel] And they just asked us, how would we get through?

And what gate we came through.

Why did we choose this way?

Why did we go that way?

[Noel] That was going on what? Two days.

[Keith] There was the airline people,

the air hostesses,

that had flown from the UK over to America with us.

They had to identify that what we were saying was correct.

Yeah, she had to confirm that she met us on the plane

that she fed us our dinner and.

[Keith] We were seriously regretting,

like how did we get ourselves into this bloody mess?

[Noel] [indistinct] was always out for a couple of hours.

We were tired.

Again, we just wanted to go home.

We wanted our mommies.

Now we’re telling the truth so.

After they were finished all the questioning

and all they decided, okay, these guys,

these kids haven’t really done much wrong.

Let’s just get them back to their own country.

And back to their family.

Yeah. Just brought us up to the airport.

and they put us on an Aer Lingus plane home.

[plane sounding]

Bound for Dublin airport via Shannon.

[Noel] We were going to jump off at Shannon. [laughs]

We weren’t gonna face any music at all

because we knew the trouble will been in.

That’s how I was really [indistinct] me ma and da,

in case I get a few, in case I get the [indistinct] .

That was the plan until.

On the airplane going home,

we took our shoes off because we fell asleep. [laughs]

Then the plane landed in Dublin.

[plane sounding]

And woke up in Dublin airport to an empty plane

with just us onboard and two [indistinct],

station guards standing beside us

with a nice, Welcome home guys. [laughs]

[Reporter] News headlines, two Dublin boys

who stowed away on an air India flight

from London to New York have arrived home.

When we get off the plane,

we had a New York T-shirts, I love New York.

And it was crowds of people around.

It was taking photographs of us and.

The runway was covered in reporters, photographers.

When I get off the plane and I had the sign that said,

I love New York. [both indistinct]

[both laugh]

Held up.

[Noel] And the cop goes you’s two little [indistinct]

He didn’t say [indistinct] he said another word.

Yeah I’m not gonna say it.

[Both laugh]

[Noel] I had warrants and the [indistinct] station.

[Keith] I got to see my mom and dad.

Me dad was kinda in the background.

[Noel] My dad was crying and you know, so.

[Keith] Me ma was just grab me and squeeze me real tight.

Do you know [indistinct],

I don’t know which way I was feeling

but it was just, it was all the newspapers.

It was all over the, all over the place.

[Reporter] Two Dublin boys who stowed away

on an air India flight from London to New York

at the weekend and are now back home.

None the worse for their adventure and a little richer.

Outside [indistinct] station,

all along the main road,

news reporters, cameramen,

all jumping and joslin to get photographs.

They chase me down the road,

all the photographers and me dad [indistinct] the car,

‘Cause there’s no tax insurance on the windows. [laughs]

I was at this time, I was 10.

I was tending to a boarding school.

I’d miss loads of time off school.

My parents were very young at the time

they found it hard to control me.

When we went to America,

I happened to be on two weeks holidays in this

’cause it was the summertime.

I got to spend a couple of hours with me mother and father.

And then that happened to be the priest there waiting

to bring me on the long journey, back down to Clonmel,

Saint Ferryhouse, boarding school.

I had warrants for shoplifting and committing crime and.

They brought me to court and,

they tried to put me in,

they tried in [indistinct] house.

It’s the boys home.

[car engine sounding]

The sister says given all the [indistinct] view,

if they catch you out after 8:00 PM,

you get put into male jail

but, they should’ve just let me out.

I haven’t seen Keith in a while after that

’cause he went to his school and I went home, so.

[dramatic music]

After New York,

I ended up in this children’s home

and I’m fingerless.

It was just me when I was young, I just had no,

nobody could tell me what to do.

I just do what I had to do.

I think I was finished in Clonmel

when I was around 15 and a half sixteen.

From then till kinda now,

I was kind of bouncing from job to job here and there.

[Noel] From there on I end up on drugs,

I was a drug addict for 20 odd years,

committing crime and spending [indistinct] years

in our jails and taking drugs.

Speak to the heart.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That’s what the judge hears.

Yeah, yeah [indistinct]

I’m at a point now I’m 46 years of age.

Have a nice partner that I’m with 20 years,

two beautiful kids.

Have a great job.

A Nice secure job.

So yeah, everything’s fine for me at the moment.

Life is good.

Life is very good.

Big change from how I grew up.

Mostly family or drugs as well,

and all of my dad’s,

seven of my dad’s are on the graveyard now

from taking drugs.

So I just want to stop taking them.

I have stopped taking them

and I’m just going to stay stopped.

I just can’t go back living like that one.

Nah, it’s not life.

I didn’t know how to use a washing machine at the start.

I don’t know how to cook.

Well, I do now.

I’m just learning now.

I didn’t know how to cook.

I didn’t, you know,

I didn’t know what I wanted in life.

I just really didn’t.

Now it’s just sort of figuring out what I really want,

you know.

[Male Voice] Today ESB smokes worse than [indistinct].

Look at [indistinct].

Fuck the robbing

No fucking mall robbing.

Sorry for cursing.

I’m clean now maybe 17 months

and I’m doing really well.

And in the recovery house now and in the day program,

it’s a narcotics program.

From when we first [indistinct],

how much have you evolved from that time?

A lot, yeah A lot

God will be with ya.

Everybody calls me New York nobody [laughs].

[Interviewer] They know about the story obviously.

I think everybody knows about the story.

[lively music]

Trains, planes, and automobiles.

[Noel] For free.

[Keith] For free yeah. [laugh]

[Reporter] Perhaps if they continue this they,

some day will be the head of some large cooperation.

Did you hear that Keith.

[Noel laughs] I’m over me way there.

[heavy lyric music]

I don’t think kids nowadays would be able to

do something like what we’d done.

I think we very streetwise,

I think we were very street wise at that age.

Kids nowadays are just mostly sitting at home

on their own iPads or phones or whatever.

They don’t travel far.

[Interview] And why did you pick New York?

Did you want to go to New York?

[Young Boy] No we just asked the [indistinct],

he says New York so we just got on the plane.

Of all the juveniles that I’ve dealt with.

I’ve never dealt with juveniles that age

who’ve traveled that far.

How they got to where they were,

to me is just unbelievable.

There are a lot of people that were very embarrassed

when this story came out. [laughs]

It was one of the most incredible things

to happen to my life.

I remember Margaret Thatcher,

She was on the [indistinct] show.

She says, They couldn’t have rob my security.

[Keith] In Heathrow, yeah.

[Noel] In Heathrow, yeah.

We did Maggie.

[both laugh]

I don’t think I got back into the Marriott,

[indistinct] in the pictures. [laughs]

Would we do do it again Keith?


We might just wanna give it a try.

Give it a try. [laughs]

You might need another [indistinct] now.

[both indistinct]

I would love to go back. Yeah, absolutely.

Maybe someday,

I’ll go back.

Where I pay in the plane this time.


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